Terms & Conditions


1. General Terms


    1. The Brocco.ly Klinger, Breidert and Schasse de Araujo GbR (“Broccoly”, “Brocco.ly”, “Brocco.ly App”, “Brocco.ly Platform”, "us", "we", or "our") operates the brocco.ly and www.brocco.ly websites (the "Service").
      This page contains our terms and conditions, an agreement between you and us.
    2. Our service is for informational purpose only and is not a medical diagnosis or a treatment. Make sure to always consult a medical professional, before acting on any recommendations. No doctor-patient-relationship is formed by using the service.
    3. You must have read and understood this Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy before using our service.
    4. You may only use our service and set up a user account if you agree to our Terms and Conditions on this page and our Privacy Policy.
    5. You must be age 18 years or older to use our service.
    6. Our service may not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.



2. Your Personal Data


    1. Please read our Privacy Policy to fully understand how your personal data is stored and processed by us.
    2. We highly care about protecting your personal data. For this reason, we do not use your personal data in any other way than specified in the Privacy Policy.



3. Using the Brocco.ly Platform


    1. Our service allows you to compare your lifestyle reports and blood biomarkers to scientific research and papers. We provide you with summaries and links to research that might be interesting you for informational purpose.
    2. If you have any health concerns, always make sure to consult a medical professional or a physician. We do not provide a medical diagnosis.
    3. We reserve the right to charge for our service. In any event, you will be notified in advance and free to choose whether or not to continue using our Service.
    4. You have to make sure to keep the login data for your user account confidential. If there are any signs that your account is been misused, you are obliged to inform us immediately by sending an email to the email address provided in paragraph “11. Contact”.
    5. It is your responsibility to make sure that the information you add to your user account is correct. If something changes, you are obliged to inform us of the changes by updating your user data. In case that does not work send us an email by the email address provided in paragraph “11. Contact”.
    6. We give you the right to personally use and access our Service non-exclusively. This right may be revoked at any time by us if you violated our Terms and Conditions or if we have any other major reason. You are not allowed to transfer that right to anybody else.
    7. As a user, you agree to not copy or replicate any parts of our platform, you agree to not access any other account than your own, and you agree to not use the platform in any other way than intended in this Terms of Conditions.
    8. All rights ultimately remain to us. Besides the right defined in 3.6., you have no right to our service or anything related to it.
    9. Using our platform comes with the following prohibitions:
      1. You are forbidden to let anybody else use your user account on the Brocco.ly Platform.
      2. You are forbidden to have multiple user accounts.
      3. You are forbidden to add any false information in your account.
      4. You are forbidden to harm the Brocco.ly Platform and its users in any way, e.g. by hacking it, infiltrating harmful software like and other ways.
      5. You are forbidden to gather information from the platform in any other way than intended in this Terms and Conditions.
      6. You are forbidden to copy any of the content available on the Brocco.ly Platform.
      7. You are forbidden to manipulate, misuse or harm the security features in any way.
      8. You are forbidden to use our service if we banned you before.
    10. If you act against any of the prohibitions listed under 3.9., may result in us take one of the following action steps (but is not limited to them):
      1. Sending you a warning.
      2. Banning you from our service.
      3. Initiating legal action against you.



4. Availability and Warranty


    1. There is no warranty on the availability of our service. Neither is there a warranty on the content we make available for you. Our content is for informational purpose only.
    2. Do not take any action on the information we provide without consulting a medical professional.
    3. Should you suffer damage through the use of our service, we shall only be liable for gross negligence and intent.
    4. The European Commission provides a platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution (OS platform), which can be accessed at www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr . You can find our e-mail address in our imprint. We participate in the dispute resolution procedure. A list with the contact details of the recognized dispute resolution bodies can be found at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.adr.show 



5. Termination of the Contract


    1. If you disagree with these Terms of Conditions or specific parts of it, you have to stop using our Service. You can delete your account in the settings menu or by sending us an email to the email provided at point “11. Contact”.
    2. In case we have a reason (e.g. you violated the Terms and Conditions), we can also terminate the contract.
    3. If your account is deleted, all your personal data is deleted as well, according to our Privacy Policy. Additionally, you lose the right to use our Service.



6. Third party links


    1. We are not liable for any external websites you might reach through third party links in our platform. We have no control over their content. We can not be liable for damage you suffer through a third party website.



7. Software Updates


    1. We continuously update our Service. This might result in the deletion or reset of features you use. We have the right to update, change, or delete specific features and the whole service.



8. Changes to our Terms of Conditions


    1. We reserve the right to update and change our Terms and Conditions.



9. Place of jurisdiction


    1. We have our headquarters in Berlin. The place of jurisdiction is exclusively Berlin, Germany.



10. Other


    1. This is the only version of our Terms and Conditions that is effective, older versions are replaced by this one.
    2. You give us permission to contact you via e-mail or your phone number.



11. Contact


    1. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] .